Blog: Progress on the SATRAN

The first kits have been shipped

I can hardly believe its true, but what was just a hobby project a few months ago is now the beginning of a new business. Today I modestly opened the webshop and the first kits sold out in minutes and are now on their way to early adopters across europe. Since I wasn’t expecting such huge interest, the stock was very limited but things will soon ramp up quickly.

The first production run

Production has been ongoing for some time now, and there’s only a few more components to arrive by post before I can offer customers the first kits. However, the first batch won’t be as big as I would like, but its a good start. If you count all individual components, there are approx 150pcs for a single kit. Some needs to be soldered, some needs to be 3D-printed, while others just needs to be counted and put into bags. On the schedule today… shortening of the stepper motor cables.

Daniel Nikolajsen SM7YSA

The ham radio operator and designer of the rotator shares his latest news and visions of the worlds greatest little satellite tracker…