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Scaling up the design?

Could this design be scaled up to strengthen it so I could use a small dish antenna? Could this system work the same with a stronger motor and bearings etc but still retain the 3D printed elements? Would be interesting to see how big you could make this and still have it affordable.

You could use stronger motors or perhaps larger Nema23 motors, and have external stepper motor drivers instead of the small A4988 drivers. But it would require a complete overhaul of the design, definitely over a hundred hours of design work which for me just isnt worth it.

I am however, working on a mk2 that will have the same size and design principles as the first, but will be stronger and weatherproof so you can mount it permanently outside. Hopefully it will also have an inbuilt digital compass so it knows automatically where is north, and be made of higher quality injection molded plastic parts. But I do not know when or even if that will be finished, and it would cost twice as much as mk1 or more.